KCF Guide Pins & Sleeves

KCF Guide Pins and KCF Sleeves have been used in Resistance Welding applications for several decades. KCF is not a coating, it's the actual material. KCF Alloy is a Ferritic Stainless Alloy, which adds Chrome, Aluminum, and other special elements. When the KCF material is heat treated via a special high temperature process, the Aluminum comes to the surface and joins with oxygen to form Aluminum-Oxide, creating an insulated skin on its surface. This process makes the pins and sleeves very strong because it's all same the material, even the insulated surface. The surface of the KCF pin/sleeve is 20-30 micrometers thick. kcf-pins-watermark-400x300


kcf-sleeves-watermark-40x300 At Weldparts Inc., we can machine any shape quickly to your specifications. Additionally, our standard shapes (pin and sleeve sizes) are the cheapest in the industry.

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Below are some of our standard KCF Guide Pin and Sleeve sizes. Please contact us for custom sizes.

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